Guest Speakers

Today in class we had two guest speakers, they are both combat photographers for the military. They talked about their experiences and about some of the work that they have done. It was really exciting to see some of their work, and to see some of the places they have visited while at work. This experience got me thinking now about joining the military and following their path. I have always being interested in joining the military but I never really had the motivation to do so, but now that i know that photography is one of the jobs you can do for the military,  it got me thinking again about joining and serving our country.

Book Proposal

Soccer, or as many call it “the beautiful game,” has been around since medieval times, and today it is the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is such a complex sport, with so many rules and tactics and yet ”Anyone can play soccer. It is the game of the poor, the starving masses yearning for freedom and social equality. Those same people need not purchase balls or goals, all they need is an old net stuffed with rags, a few sticks and an imagination. Children all over the world can play the game no matter the rung they occupy on the socioeconomic ladder.”(Phillip Ryan, Huffington Post) Soccer, is the sport that unites people, the sport that has the power to heal the divisions that exist in our world today. Soccer truly is a beautiful game.

For this project i intend to show the beauty of the sport through a set of photographs. My idea is to photograph some local soccer players in action, and in the process of doing so i intend to get to know them better and to find out why they love soccer so much and the effect that this sport has had in their lives.

For this project i plan to go to a park in my community where i know people from all ages and backgrounds gather up to play soccer. I will proceed to photograph them in action, during their game, and afterwards each individual showing off their skills. My goal is to show the sport from the outside, from what the spectators see, and from the inside, i want to show what the players see. Eventually i will sit down with them and conduct an interview with each player to get to know them better so i can capture their stories and what they have to say in the best way possible. i want to capture not only the reason for their passion and their love for the sport but their stories as well. In this project i want to show people that soccer is more than a sport, that it is more than just kicking a ball into a net, that soccer is a way of life. i want to show how it can change lives and how its power/influence brings people together throughout the world. i want to show how this sport can stop the world for segments of 90 minutes at a time, and how it can bring people from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, of different colors/cultures, all together to watch a single game.

I believe that this project will work, by showing the effect of soccer through the players’ stories i think people who get to read the book will find a connection to the people in the book and therefore find a connection with soccer. The only problem that i can predict i will be facing is people not wanting to participate, i have had this problem before in the Photo Booth project where i found that people in my neighborhood were not as friendly as i thought. but other than that i think that people that love soccer will want to communicate their message to the world and therefore agree to participate.

Like i said before the goal of this project is just to show people the beauty of the sport and to show them why it is considered the most beautiful sport in the world, why it got its nickname “the beautiful game”, and why it is the most popular sport in the planet.

For this project i will need only four things. I will need time, a camera,  a computer and money for printing. i will dedicate as much as i can to this project because soccer is one of my passions and i do not want to mess this up. i have already started going around the city asking people in parks if they know any local soccer leagues or if they know any players that would be interested in participating, i have also contacted some old team mates from back in the day when i used to play soccer to see if they would like to share their stories as well.

Soccer is more than a passion, its more like a feeling. Soccer has a special connection to people and through this project i want to show that connection. Soccer is a life style that brings together millions of people from around the world. It is the only sport that has a special main event that happens only every four years, and that even though it makes people wait four years for that special main event, it is still the most watched event in the world with an estimate of  3.2 billion people watching (thats almost half the world population which is 7.3 billion). For these and many other reasons is why i want to show the world why soccer has become the most popular game in the world.


Phillips, Ryan. “Soccer Truly Is a Beautiful Game.” The Huffington Post., 14 May 2010. Web. 30 Mar. 2017.



For this assignment we got to shoot our classmates in the csusm studio while practicing the basic rules about lighting. Out of 100 pictures i believe these were the best ones, or the ones that i liked the most.


Richard Renaldi is an artist that brings strangers together, he goes to people walking off busy sidewalks and brings them together with a stranger and makes them pose as if they have known each other for a long time. These photos remind us that we are not that different from each other. i like that his job doesn’t really look like a real job, more like a hobby. I really like his idea of bringing strangers together.

Ian Ruther is another artist that makes photos from scratch. He goes through the whole chemical process to produce a picture. He travels around the country in his truck, which is where he works and produces his pictures. it’s crazy that he spends about $500 to produce each picture but it is really cool that he produces them from scratch.

Environmental Portraits

For this activity we had to pair up with a classmate to take some environmental portraits, in this occasion my partner was Jojo. We met and had a brief conversation before taking the pics, from our conversation i could tell he was a shy person. He seemed to be enjoying the great weather we had that day so we decided to do this project outdoors and  after walking for a bit we found the perfect spot behind the SBSB building.  Since Jojo seemed to love our school i decided to portray him as a happy CSUSM student who is enjoying not only the great weather we have here in Cali, but the great college experience CSUSM has to offer.


18195774_1373554816045226_1994833881_oToday i visited the MOPA. It was a really cool experience seeing the work of many different artists. The exhibit Disorder was very diverse, it kind of covered different subjects, it was trying to show the different kinds of environmental and social issues that exist today, my favorite picture of this set was the one where they are carrying a dead gorilla across a field. This was my favorite photograph because in my grandmothers hometown thats exactly how they would carry sick people to the hospital. (it’s a really poor town in Mexico)

The second exhibit i saw was about India, it showed some really old pictures of India, this exhibit was not my favorite but i did like some of the pictures that displayed the architecture of the country. i really liked the circular roof tops and how it seemed like they had some really elaborated designs all over, some of them even looked like the old fashioned churches with the golden details and all.